Consumer Electronic display specialists


Unlock your full potential with a team that’s dedicated to helping you achieve your business objectives; that’s Gush Global.


Results matter more than anything else, so our dedicated tech teams and designers will work with you to understand your project from the inside out to deliver displays that will give your brand the push it deserves. 


We’re forward thinking; expect next gen touch experiences, exciting interactive displays, sleek modular systems and more.  We’re here to bring your brand to life in physical retail setting, with point of sale designs that grab the attention of shoppers and out-perform surrounding competition. 



Create Unforgettable Customer Experiences With Innovative Point of Sale Displays


Become a leader in your space with innovative POS displays that truly connect with your customers.  

We see the value in brands and work meticulously with each client to strategically design eye-catching point of sale displays that guide customers through the purchasing journey. With decades of experience creating visual merchandising displays for brands from all kinds of sectors, our talented team of in-house designers, engineers, technicians and manufacturers can help you build customers experiences that actually convert.


With a goal to drive business and growth, we’re experts in engaging customers, generating sales and boosting revenue. Whether you’re a high-end brand or a budding business with exciting ideas that you’d like to see brought to life, we design and create point of sale displays in Melbourne at our Australian headquarters.

From large scale businesses to smaller brands, we provide point of sale displays into the Australian and New Zealand markets  that amplify your brand, generate an uplift in sales, and put your products in front of the right people.  

Australia's leading CE POS Display company  


Effective visual marketing starts with customised point of sale displays; portray your brand in the best light and boost sales at the same time.


All projects and clients are different, and that’s how we like it. If you’re looking for POP/POS displays in Melbourne that are completely customisable, we’ll exceed your expectations every step of the way. Through detailed design and revolutionary tech integration, we’ll capture the essence of your brand and elevate it to the next level.  


  • Bespoke permanent displays

  • Custom floor displays

  • Counter point of sale displays

  • Cardboard displays

Engaging and distinctive; you’ll gain unrivalled results from our seamless designs and unrivalled processes. We’ll deliver your retail displays in Melbourne to the highest quality industry standards to create a standout experience for all.


Got big ideas? Let’s bring them to fruition. We’re excited to learn more about your project, so feel free to email or send a message to +613 8558 2555 and we’ll be glad to help.