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Consumer Electronics Retail Experience: The Importance of Creating a Positive Experience In-store

The consumer electronics market is one that’s driven by savvy consumers; they know more, they expect more, and they’ve got masses of options and information at their fingertips. A study by POPAI found that 86% of shoppers will pay more for a better experience, 76% of customers like to use touchscreens, and 57% are drawn to interactive digital displays.

Displays that move away from static, simple imagery and instead allow the shopper to interact with your product and personally experience the benefits of that product, are proven to increase sales.

Let customers try the product for themselves

Shopping is a sensory experience, and holistic in-store experiences are created by appealing to consumer senses using light, sound, smell and touch. Brands can no longer afford to rely on customer loyalty (68% of customers don’t have a problem switching to a different brand) so instead it’s overwhelmingly important to invest in advanced POS display technology that engages shoppers from every angle.

The challenges coming in from online domination are also forcing retailers to place a renewed focus on the in-store experience. Integrating innovative audio, visual and touch interactive displays is proven to give your brand an edge - amplifying engagement and generating more sales. The consumer electronics market is one filled with customers that expect innovation; your in-store experience should reflect how your digital product could enhance a person’s modern-day lifestyle.

Even if the shopper does not immediately make a purchase, they are still looking to compare your product with your competitors. Shoppers in consumer electronics are making 40% more price comparison searches year-on-year, but their ability to engage with your product and get a feel for how it fits into their life is still a major (if not the most prominent) decision driver.

Taking the customer from online to offline

Nowadays, it’s natural for those in the market for consumer electronics to carry out extensive research online. They want to explore the new benefits of a new product in an industry that’s constantly pushing “the next best thing” and they want to watch video demos, or read testimonials, before making a purchase decision.

They go online to save time, but then they go in-store to try a product for themselves and receive a positive, personal experience. In order to get the necessary reassurance on something they’ve researched online, they need to see it, touch it, and test it. Often, it’s only then that they’ll buy it.

In-store displays should offer a seamless transition from the digital to the physical space for your customers. They should aim to complete the journey, providing the final piece of the shopping experience that a website cannot. Remember that although people may make their final purchase through the retailer’s online store, their decision is still heavily weighted by this positive in-store experience.

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