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The Design of an Effective POS Display | Gush Global

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

What Goes Into the Design Behind an Effective POS Display? The Strategies to Attract Your Customer’s Attention.

Gush Global works with clients to build effective POS displays, starting with the development of creative concepts and going all the way through to installation and success tracking. From concept to completion, we know what it takes to design displays that attract customer attention and yield high returns for brands.

Research has found that temporary POS marketing displays increase sales by 23.8%, with permanent displays increasing sales by 19%. However, in-store displays are only effective when backed up by a well thought-out design driven by market insights, and the interactive technology that today’s consumers expect.

In-depth research of the market, your brand & shoppers’ behaviour

Every element of the design is guided by an understanding of the market, the brand we’re representing and the behaviour of modern-day shoppers. This research enables us to highlight the point of difference for each product, as well as its benefits, so we can uncover and showcase the value that this adds for the shopper.

We combine this research with best practices in the industry, to attract and convert as many shoppers as possible. We design POS displays with a view to building connections with consumers and therefore selling more products. Though we specialise in custom POS displays, there are some general approaches that have been proven to attract customer attention. For example:

  • Including a functional benefit of a product (rather than just a tagline)

  • Using large, legible copy

  • Incorporating interactive technology into the display

  • Opting for bright, bold designs

  • Showing the product in action

  • Including the key information shoppers want to know, such as cost and USPs

Cutting-edge technology integration

By integrating cutting-edge technology into POS displays, we’re creating a positive in-store experience that’s proven to attract, engage and convert shoppers. When 63% of shoppers said that digital signage grabs their attention, it’s time to move away from a solely static advertising strategy.

Putting tech at your customers’ fingertips provides an interactive, superior retail experience. It immerses them in your brand, gives them a clearer idea of how your product could fit into their life, and makes your brand more memorable. They may not always make a purchase there and then, but that doesn’t mean they won’t go on to buy from your online store or purchase in the future.

Some ways tech can enhance POS displays includes touch screens, audio and visual interactive displays, and augmented reality. What’s more, this innovative technology can now also collect valuable data about your audience - such as how long they spend in front of your display, and which product peaks their interest most. Brands can use these exclusive market insights to guide their ongoing strategy, to make effective, data-driven decisions.

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